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Having excelled in his time at Northern School of Contemporary Dance (NSCD) and after a great deal of hard work and intense auditioning he has won a much coveted place with Verve , the post graduate performance company attached to the Northern School.

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I came to know Robert Anderson, through a mutual friend, another exceptionally talented dancer.  A short while back, my son’s Leeds Rhino’s B-boy dance troop were looking for a new teacher and I asked my dancer friend, Sarah, if she was available, or knew of anyone, and, to cut a long story short, Rob stepped up.

With a background of teaching and performance, Rob segued into the position perfectly.  His obvious talent and no nonsense approach has  won the B-boys over, making them eager to learn and keen to develop and hone their skills week on week.

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With Rob’s newly acquired position with Verve comes the financial commitment of supporting himself through his further studies and performing.  With his time dedicated to training, rehearsing and performing there will be little time for working to personally supplement his study grant – so Rob is making a plea for assistance with funding.

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Whilst an outright sponsor would be wonderful, Rob also believes that his goal can be reached in small increments by way of family, friends, dance lovers and benevolent strangers to boot.  Here’s hoping he’s successful on his mission.


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