An open letter to my darling brood…..



Dear ‘winks

This letter is an apology of sorts – only it’s not.

I was going to harp on about your lousy Summer 2016, the fact that there were way too many PJ days, dvd days, garden days, days at the local park and days when Mummy could barely function … but actually I’m not going to apologise.

In years to come we will be able to chalk this summer down to a steep learning curve, a time of adjustment of adaptation, of constraints and concessions – YES – even more than normal!!

I look back on summer’s past and the neatly categorised daily pictures of exciting trips here there and everywhere even the odd holiday (although I know these are few and far between – finance and Arch health permitting).  Previous summers have been splattered all over Facebook and Twitter for friends and followers to marvel at our fun and frolics … yes, we’ve had some really good times!!  In defence of your Dad and I, we did plan on whisking you off for a long-weekend in sunnier climes (we had our hearts set on Ibiza), but when the respite carer went AWOL all bets were off.  Your father is just thankful that, in my wisdom, I didn’t let him book the flights… so that couple of grand can be put towards a future jaunt for certain.

You’ll learn that life has it’s ups and downs.  Admittedly for us those downs can be pretty brutal and there are also some pretty big pot holes and obstacles in our way – but you have to admit, we’ve had some almighty highs too and some wonderful opportunities.  (Namely No 2 your first holiday being 2 weeks in Tunisia – before all the hoohar, and we ALL had an amazing holiday with Rockley in France last summer …. I think we’ll be going some to beat that!)!  Fact is, right now we’re in a trough … you know we sometimes see on the news or on YouTube where the ground literally opens up and things slide down.  Mummy is currently in that there hole!!

On the bright side – you were all fed and cleaned.  (Granted there were a few cheats along the way, you practically lived off sandwiches, things on toast [Heinz 50% less sugar beans included] and regular takeaways).  I know that you’re not complaining about this in the slightest, however, I am scolding myself that I’ve broken the ‘No more than one McDonald’s per month’ rule, no more than one takeaway a week rule, the more fruit and veg less sugar where possible rule … in fact I have failed epically on the nutrition front.  My much coveted (tasty start to the day by ramming at least 5 a day into you) breakfast smoothies have been infrequent to say the very least, and home-cooked meals have been scarcer than scarce, unless Dad was cooking.  (I can only apologise for that – but he is trying).

On occasion you’ve both stepped up admirably – finding (under supervision and strict instruction) the self-sufficiency of making some simple meals… when you’re both students you’ll be glad of the crash course.  Your washing up still needs practise!  Funny that – ho hum.  (Oh and just because you don’t do a good job – doesn’t mean Dad and I will do it for you – we’ll just make you do it again, so I’d take heed and make more of an effort).

Teamwork is paying off.  I appreciate all the times you’ve stepped in to help when I’ve faltered – even No3’s random smiles or bursts of chuckle have saved me from a fate worse, on occasion.

So – whilst I attempt to keep the family in order, care for Arch and care for PaPa – I’m afraid there’ll be a whole lot more haphazard parenting on my part and ‘stepping up’ required on yours.

Personally, I believe that you’ll thank me in the long run  (one day YOU WILL have to do all this stuff for yourselves anyway) and in the interim I am eternally grateful to all 3 of you for hanging in there, not writing Mum off completely and for taking her major lapse of mental clarity and ability in your stride.

You’re good kids and, as if I don’t tell you enough, I love you … but if you could stop eating socks, respond to my nagging even when you’re on the iPad and go to bed when you’re asked, I might love you even more!


Mum xxx